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Pechu Kucha Presentation..

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Task 24: Do something different (you decide)

Ok so my do something different may seem inadequate however I feel as though I have managed to maintain doing something differently over the past few months that I would usually give up on or stop half way through.

It may seem necessary and it may seem as if a design student should do this anyway but lets face facts I haven’t up until now and I can finally say I am thoroughly enjoying this task and have/looking forward to continuing this throughout the next few months and the years to come.

What is it that I have done… (drum roll please) …

My doing something differently task consists of having a journal that I reflect upon and throw my ideas at. It may seem simple and stupid but I wouldn’t normally do this on a daily basis before this task. Even if it is just a line of anger I scribble on a page or a couple of words or a quote I write down to a double page spread of something I have done or something I have enjoyed journal’ing in a separate journal (non academic design) has been such a lovely task to have carried out and to continue carrying out.

Here are a few images from my journal so far:

These are just a couple of images, I didn’t want to post to many images as some of the content is fairly personal to me.

Scan Scan 1Scan 2

My learnings:

– As a visual communicator and as a design student in general I find expression in the form of words rather difficult (quiet ironic right as people would say that being an ‘art student’ you should be able to use fancy words) well I am the opposite I can only express myself in small proportions and the easiest way of me doing this is through drawing, scribbling, or maybe even doodling and sometimes even writing a sentence down on paper.

– I think that from this task I have learnt that self reflection is so so important! I have never really before reflected upon things that are not academic (reflection academically is completely different to self reflection) I have found that journaling has aided me to express my feelings and emotions and so far help me realise (slightly) who I am (a little cheesy I know but shyly true)

Task 11: Go to a live event outside your preferred genre

During the christmas period I went back home to Leicester and together as a family we planned for a trip to central London. One of the things that I wanted to do/ have wanted to do for many years is go to a live theatre show in the west end. One of the shows that I have really wanted to see is The Lion King. However I thought that it would a great experience to go to another kind of show i.e.. a musical/dance based show which I would consider not so much of a genre of musical that I would normally go for.

The show we decided upon was: STOMP at the Ambassadors theatre just near Leicester Square. Here is a photo of my ticket:


Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photographs during the performance or even have our phones on which is fairly sad as I was not able to capture certain moments that I could look back on.

Here is a short clip to show what the theatre performance was like live:

My initial thoughts upon seeing this particular show was that it would not even compare in the slightest form to The Lion King, I also thought that the performers themselves had a incredible challenge of keeping us the audience engaged with there performance without the use of speech or voice. However as the show started (having high expectations) it was brilliant to see the different everyday household items that the group were using to perform and create music with.

The performance itself lasted for 90 minutes in the theatre room. The performing group used a vast range of materials to create music such as brushes and brooms, dustbins, shopping trolleys and even matchsticks and most of all clapping there hands and stomping there feet on the floor. I found that throughout the 90 minutes they engaged us as the audience into the performance through getting us to stomp and clap our hands at necessary and queued points (it sounds ridiculous but it was so much fun).


– I think one of the main things that I have learnt from this whole experience of a theatre show and experiencing something live from a different genre is that you shouldn’t ‘judge a book by its cover’ or compare something to another thing without experiencing it at first hand.

– The culture and diversity in London is phenomenal every perfumer on that stage was from a different ethnic origin- there were 12 perfumers within the group and all of a different decent! We in the UK have so many different cultures and ethnicity’s living in our country it is important to learn, appreciate and embrace other peoples culture and background and to working together can create something so diverse and beautiful.

Task 3: Play a board game

I don’t think much explanation is necessary:

1. It was christmas

2. The Monopoly board game came out



Task 5: Learn a new skill


Although learning how to say ‘sexy’ in Slovenian by our Exchange student Anže (and dear friend) started as a joke it progressed into him teaching us a few key words and sentences that would help us out if we ever visited Slovenia.

I would consider this learning a new skill from someone else! (group task). As you can see from the image below Anže decided to play the role of the teacher using the white board. The first words on the left are english and following is the translation into Slovenian.



The words/phrases that we/I learnt (the serious one):

– Hello

– What time is it

– My name is

The silly ones:

– You are sexy

– You are fit

– Wanna get drunk

Although half the words/phrases we learnt were silly the 3 that we learnt that were serious and and applicable to use seemed simple when written on the whiteboard however when pronouncing them in the Slovenian language they were difficult to grasp. We also learnt that most words in Slovenian had a masculine and feminine pronunciation thus making the language even more difficult yet interesting to learn. I now feel confident saying: hello, what time is it and My name is in Slovenian.

Task 21: Find a poem that means something to you

So for this task I decided NOT to go about it in a conventional manner ie. finding some poem from a book or from a journal that its ‘meaningful’ to me. Instead of going about looking for a meaningful poem I decided to wait until something arose that I felt was truly meaningful to me.

The first thing that I did was to go to my older sister who is an amazing poetry writer- this is not a skill that she has learnt over the years (as she studies philosophy not literature) but mores one that she has naturally developed.

To start with I decided to ask whether I could read some of her poems, some of them made sense, some of them were far to complex for me to understand some of them were simple in the words and some of them were lengthy with bizarre contexts. However I felt that it would be appropriate to select a poem of hers as it is meaningful to me that she takes the time to write them- I may not necessarily understand the content or the interpretation that some people take away from the poems however I admire the natural passion that she has for writing them which in essence is meaningful to me.

The poem below is a fairly personal one that I am sharing on my blog that she wrote in my 21st birthday card this January.



Although I understand the context of this poem I feel that the place/person it has been written by is much more meaningful to me. 

Celebration of imagination evaluation…