Creative response tutorial…

by am109145

Does photo manipulation manipulate people or does it give them what they want?

Group feedback:

– It’s cute , Alice liked the way in which I was giving something to someone.

– It’s the last year

– Very personal project and personal for everybody involved.

– The typography matches the people that it represents

– The packaging is very personal

– The photography looks very professional.

– Almost feels like the group should send a message back on the postcard.

– Type of photography: Neat and clean and quiet commercial, the fork bracelet doesn’t really go with the rest as the others go into the studio.

– Bracelet is much more abstract than the rest of the imagery.

Question that I asked:

Does the work actually work:

– Yes the work works when you read the back of the postcards and also the images are relevant.

David asked: 

Does the photography seem cold in comparison to the emotional explanation background?

– If you just put this photo’s down it seems like a stock image.

Davids feedback:

– Document the people with their packet.

– Peers picked up on the fact that it was a collective thing/ project.

– Photography has gone in the direction of stock photography rather than advertising imagery. It would be better if there was something more to it, maybe to further improve by re-shooting eg. the jumper with a ‘buff’ model wearing it, then ask the participants whether they would still feel the same way towards to the products as they do now?