Printed postcards & labels…

by am109145


Printed postcards  after being cut down to the correct size.



The title pages which I almost forgot the print.



In terms of the packaging I thought it would be much more personal to handmake and hand design the packaging. I feel as though it would just be a easy option to go into paper chase and select 6 different types of wrapping paper. So instead I have decided to wrap all of the postcards in brown paper to give a homemade feel along with designing the label with each persons name on by hand in a typeface that I feel represents them or their personality.




Here is a example of Ewan’s label, as he is a graphic design student and as he is fairly clean tidy and simple kind of person I decides to go for a fairly clean cut typeface for his label playing close attention to keeping the typeface as accurate and precise as possible.




The finished 6 labels that I shall be using. All hand rendered.