Post card sizing…

by am109145

Now that all my images have been shot and most of the post-production editing has been complete it is time to think about the actual form of delivery of the images along with the captions and quotes that will fill the postcard on the back.

I have decided upon printing the images and placing them on the context of postcards. Below is some brief research I have conducted on the layout and some design decisions that I have made on the actual postcards itself.

Google search on the measurements of postcards:

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 19.54.27

Size on a normal postcard and template:

2014-11-26 19.49.50 2014-11-26 19.48.16

2014-11-26 19.50.03 2014-11-26 19.48.31

I have decided to go for  slightly larger  postcard in width and height in comparison to the normal standard sized one as I feel the image would be better displayed, if i was to use the standard sized postcard the image would lost its quality.




2014-11-26 19.48.49