Chapter three: Creative response…

by am109145

Chapter three

Ultimately the main aim of my creative response is to build upon and support the idea that photo manipulation within photography is used to give people what they want. Through chapter one and two I have solidified my opinion to support this angle/perspective on the proposed title, through taking into consideration the possible theories and ideas that affect and counterbalance the opposing idea. My creative response will focus on making something look more beautiful than what it actually is, in essence there will be a transformation from average to what is perceived as ‘beautiful’. I will go about the transformation of the image in three different ways; firstly through prop manipulation, secondly through composition and perspective and thirdly through digital photo-manipulation, this will give me a well rounded image that makes a average looking object/product look of high quality almost advert like. The objects themselves will be selected by a group of individuals, the items will be personal belongings that they feel that they cherish and represent themselves, the object/item has to something that they almost can not live without and that they have a emotional connection too.

After exploring different types of photography that use photo manipulation such as food photography, product photography and photorealist work. I feel as though the combination of portraits and product shots of these personal belongings is the most appropriate avenue for my creative response piece. The reason behind this being that there will be a very personal aspect/level to the work, the portrait aspect of the shot is not a the headshot of a person it’s the product that represents that person, along with there being the aesthetic quality of a product shot in one image, which will essentially enable the response from the audience to be much more truthful and informative. I have chosen this path to follow as I feel as though my creative journey when exploring advertising was fairly vague and too obvious to inform my written work, I feel as though the angle within food photography that I have explore has given me a better understanding that prop manipulation plays a larger role in final outcome rather than photo manipulation, therefore the triangulated opinion outlined in chapter one and two would not inform the underlying opinion. Furthermore I have touched on photorealism within my creative journey however have established and is solidly agree that photo manipulation within photorealism is not there to manipulate people it is there ti explore creativity.

In terms of the presentation the images will be printed onto a series of postcards, these postcards will have one image on the front and the meaning /emotional attachment that the individual has to the item on the rear. The postcards will come almost as a gift/package with some sort of ribbon tied around them like a gift, once printed and completed they will be delivered to the individuals of whom the items belong as a package/set of postcards to keep. Essentially the response received by each individual and the response they give on how ‘beautiful’ they think I have photographed and made their items look will inform my study. Within this creative response idea there is a notion of giving, giving back a beautiful image of an individuals personal item that they cherish and have an emotional attachment too, in it’s most attractive and beautiful form. The creative response itself is very much on a personal level its trying to give back more than what reality can give to a individual on a photographic level therefore the targeted audience for my responsive piece are the small group of individuals who will contribute there personal belongings.