Photorealism: trying to build candy land

by am109145

Unfortunately attempting to create something like this:


Turned into creating these guys:

Photo 28-10-2014 11 43 17-2

So after deciding with David to try and create a photorealist image inspired by Carl Warner (shown above) I ended up sitting in the studio creating these marshmallow men. After creating these little guys I tried to photograph them and create a scene like the ones down in the sketches below.


Unfortunately the dream of creating something even close to this was broken down by the impossibility of  even getting a decent first shot. After going into the studio and starting to photograph props like this to create a photorealist scene similar to Carl Warner I realised firstly that this was not the direction that I wanted to go in neither did any of the images turn out close to what they should have looked like in order for me to carry on or pursue the angle.

Here are some sketches of the what I wanted my candy land to look like:

Photo 28-10-2014 11 59 33

Photo 28-10-2014 11 59 43

Although the angle had not worked I feel as though ruling it out and having a go at it was useful in realisation that this is not what I wanted me creative response to be even if  I really do think that Carl Warners work is incredible, its just not my cup of tea/ cup of practice.