Love Arts: Window Display…

by am109145

BRIEF: To take some shots of our window display in the Fabrication shop window for the Love Arts festival. Preferably full shots and prop shots.

Soon after getting involved with Angus McDonald Photography, I was approached by Hannah and Bhakti and kindly asked whether I could get involve d with there window display as apart of the Love Arts festival. With being tied up and very involved with Angus’s studio I was not able to take part in the overall Love Arts Photography opportunity as I have found myself spending a lot go days at Angus’s studio, so when Bhakti and Hannah approached me to ask me to photography there window I was happy to help and contribute.

The brief that Hannah and Bhakti gave me was fairly brief and basic, they simply told me they wanted some shots of the full window display and also some shots of the props that they had made. Even though I saw some of the bits and bobs they had been making in the studio I was still unaware of the sizing of the window, the entire display itself and most importantly the lighting in and around there window. From a photographers perspective I was pretty much ‘going in blind’.

Here are some a range of the final shots which have been edited and sent to Bhakti and Hannah for there use:

DSC_2378 copy DSC_2383 copym DSC_2387 2m DSC_2387 copym DSC_2398m DSC_2405 copy DSC_2407 copy DSC_2408m


On the day:

When arriving at Fabrication and looking at the window display it became apparent that the lighting was awful!, the reflections on the window were hard to work with and the majority of shots that I took came out underexposed. However the wonders of Photoshop helped me in post-production to deliver some decent quality images to Hannah and Bhakti.