Assisting research…

by am109145

As I have never assisted a industry-photographer before I feel that it is only right to research the key attributes in becoming successful in this role, to look at this in a clear and concise manner I have decided to look at some of the key requirements of this role on listed job searches this way I will become aware of what is expected of me from an industry perspective:

A very specific role within a footwear company, essentially the key requirements here being preparation of product and props, editing skills on software, keeping things tidy and clean, ordering bits and bobs necessary for the shoot.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 15.49.50

The role found below came up under the same search as the previous image however this role requires more-so digital work with software and retouching. Although I may not be asked to do large amounts of this it is important to bare in mind that some roles assisting will require this.


Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 15.49.31


key skills necessary:

– Come with some sort of knowledge with software

– Have some understanding of technical skills.

– Be prepared to run general errands (ordering things over the phone, fetching things from the shop)

– Keeping the a studio tidy

– Organising equipment and products

– Preparation of props for the shoot.