by am109145

These dissertation will critically analysis whether digital photo manipulation manipulates people or whether it gives them what they want, this is based around the definition of photo manipulation being: the application of editing techniques on an image; before, during or after production. The arguments triangulated within the research will address comments and arguments from professional practitioners such as photographers Anna Hill , Angus McDonald, Steven Poxon and Carl Warner along with industry and consumer brand specialist such as Gary Austin (Graphic Designer), Jo Brewery (Home economist) and specialist Helen Curnock (Product delivery manager). The theories and ideas that shall be discussed will include: hyperreality and authenticity, the idea of audience and consumer culture along with the impact of technology and the digital revolution. The creative and practical research put towards essentially answering the title includes the exploration photo manipulation through advertising/editorial photography, food photography and photorealism. The creative response will use one or a combination of the three different types of photography mentioned above to reflect the response/perspective taken on the title.