Day 2: Assisting Angus McDonald 14/10/14

by am109145

Today’s client: Morrison’s, Elmwood

People present: 

– Angus McDonald (Photographer)

-Gary Austin (Graphic Designer/ Art Director)

– Jo (Home economist)


– Rice puddings


– bread and butter pudding

Things learnt over the day:

– Always shoot in RAW. Jpegs are compressed files that degrade during edit, image quality is therefore reduced. Its best to always shoot in RAW and then compress the file into Jpeg, you can always do more with a raw file than you can with a jpeg.

– For things that shine within your shot your have a few options to reduce/ improve shine, to duller something eg. cutlery you can use dulling sparring to add reflections into shots use tin foil to bounce light onto the cutlery.

– With food photography things are done very methodologically. There is a set process when taking food shots. Everything is ordered ,you follow by this order shoot, change things, re-shoot etc. The process itself is much slower than taking things such as portraits.


Things to follow up and look at:

– ‘ What kate ate’:

– AOP (Association go photographers):

– Carl Warner (foodscapes):


The ‘Props’ cupboard that is continually used to swap alter and change the set depending on the shoot. This Cupboard is cutlery and kitchen prop heaven!


The set up. A quick snap of the initial set up that was put together after sourcing the basic props from around the studio.



The team coming together and discussing the shots taken so far and alterations and adjustments that need to be made.

IMG_9750 2


In-edit – one of the 4 shots taken today being placed onto the packaging.



Taking a break from assisting and reading about the functionalities of Angus’s camera and the technicalities/science behind lighting and reflection.


Prep’ing some of the props for the next shot!



Jo prepping the bread and butter pudding for the next shot.