Short conclusions: Various titles…

by am109145

1) Does photo manipulation in advertising create a misinterpretation of reality or does it just contribute to the idealistic & fantasied world we already live in?

Although some may blame the advertisers for creating a misinterpretation of reality through photo manipulation and advertising I feel as though we as a society are to far gone and brainwashed into consumer culture to point the finger and blame advertisers. Photo manipulation in advertising is just a contribution to the existing idealistic and fantasised world we live in, consumer culture has essentially become a reality in itself it is not a objective that has been set to execute by advertisers or large companies it is a culture we have embraced for decades on end, we are already living this reality therefore creating a misinterpretation of a state that is already occurring is impossible. Photo manipulation is a just a tool used though functionalities on a digital camera and digital software that aids the contribution, photo manipulation has been abused since the birth of photography and analogue cameras before advertising even existed, it is easy to blame the tool however it is consumer culture that is the real dictator of how it is applied to advertising.


2) Does photo manipulation in advertising protect photographic truth or does it embrace and nurture the fantasised world we live in?

 Essential I feel as though photo manipulation protects photographic truth rather than being a tool that nurtures a fantasised world. I believe that it is a human instinct to neglect the unpleasant, in this case the unpleasant being ‘dull’ or ‘imperfect’ imagery, in a sense the the protection of photographic truth comes down to societies denial of nature, the denial of accepting something in its natural form however instead accepting the glamourised characteristics that is supposedly has. We live in a fantasised world because we neglect the truth, we idolise the unachievable and this degrades and demoralises are sense of self worth. Photo manipulation is a tool we use to protect ourselves from having this negative emotional response by covering up and glamourising the truth, in essence we have ourselves to blame for this supposed fantasised world we live in. However protection from the truth (in this case protection from the natural world) leads us to becoming detached with emotions and attached to materialistic things. Embracing these materialistic things creates this fantasised world that is around us, making us want to achieve what is deemed as ‘perfect’. It’s a continuous circle until we accept the truth and embrace nature for its true raw characteristics. Photo manipulation will continue to be a tool that thickens and essentially take us further and further away from our real identity and footprint.