Reconstructed/ alternative titles…

by am109145

Original title stated on proposal:

‘Does photo manipulation increase the expectation of aesthetic in advertising?’

Improved/Alternative titles:

  • Does photo manipulation skew photographic truth thus falsify reality?


  • Does photo manipulation in advertising protect photographic truth or does it embrace and nurture the fantasized world we live in?


  • Does photo manipulation in advertising create a misinterpretation of reality or does it just contribute to the idealistic & fantasied world we already live in?


  • Is digital photo manipulation software in advertising to blame for fantasising reality or is the camera to blame for blocking photographic truth?


  • Does the continuous effort put into the development of aesthetic of a image in advertising increase the audience expectations of a piece of advertising?


  • Does digital photo manipulation software used in advertising distort and fantasize the product being sold to the consumer?


  • Does post-production photo manipulation skew photographic truth or is it the functionalities on a digitalized camera that fantasized and falsifies reality in advertising?