Jean Baudrillard…

by am109145

Based on the idea of hyperrealism a interesting individual to take a look at is Jean Baudrillard: a french sociologist born 1929  and dies 2006-2007, he was known for being a ‘provocateur for french social theory’. Baudrillard  commented on the fact that hyperreality derived/based around the idea ofSIMULACRA & SIMULACRUM. Simulacra is the plural for simulacrum which is are the terms he used to describe ‘The way society brings off reality’.


1. An image or representation.
2. An unreal or vague semblance.


Looking at the term simulacra/simulacrum we can identify that Baudrillard described the two terms from the perspective of  ‘how society simulates the real’, in essence the way in which society brings off reality. He expresses that we never get the real however we get variations of what we perceive the real to be. There are different forms of simulacra and these occur at different times. The media area large influence/ and are partially to blame for these unstable meanings of the ‘real’.


The media create competing versions of whats going on in the world/ in physical reality. Its hard to put your finger on the true underlying reality, having being feed different imitations and replicas of the original version which is the real authentic copy of information. Through the media we are receiving simulations of reality. We experience things thought the media, not at first hand, this essentially is the stimulator of the simulation of reality. Baudrillard is NOT saying reality is being distorted through the media but instead he outlines that‘there is nothing to distort, there are only competing simulations of the reality left to convince us’. 

‘The misplacing and displacing of the real us what create the slippage between the real and the imagines, Baudrillard believes this is what being characterised  and essential this is what he thinks of how society is continuing to be’.