Breaking the norm…Anna Hill

by am109145

After searching on the web I found have two similar projects that address the issue of photo manipulation and respond back to the issue of it within advertising. The first project that I found is by a female called Anna Hill as you can see from the images below she responds to the extensive use of Photoshop through creating almost a mockery advert that demonstrated how imagery is glamourised.




I think that this is a effective campaign that demonstrates strongly how certain tools on Photoshop can manipulate images to the extent of altering body shape, size, skin tone, make-up and essentially achieving a aesthetic digitally that it is not realistic or near too achievable in real life. Anna Hill has specifically made the series of images/adverts in a way that mocks and parodies adverts that use the Photoshop to glamourise there models. Essentially these images above that Anna Hill has created convey to the audience that all advertisers do is buy into software such as Photoshop and use this as a tool to create the ‘perfect’ cover models that they we see on adverts, all of the benefits of the tools on Photoshop are outlined on the images above.