Sweep up session & Reflection on the Edit Project #5

by am109145

In terms of the sweep up session which was held today on the 9th May there were only two people to capture on the day which I managed to capture. I also managed to speak to Tom about deadlines of when they needed the images to be edited and completed, initially he said Tuesday however some proofing deadlines had to be pushed forward so my job for for the rest of the day would be to try and complete the edit and get them drop boxed to Tom by this evening!


Now all images have been collected I have started to edit the photographs taken Tom has advised for 4 images per person to be edited and drop boxed to him. I have a strong feeling I can complete this by 6/7pm tonight. The images themselves do not need that much editing, they need to correlate positively when looking at exposure, contrast and brightness therefore the quickest and most simplest way to do this is go through each persons set of images, select 4 of the best then edit them individually!

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 14.25.09