Meeting with Tom Hoare & Rachel King – Project # 5

by am109145

The meeting today with Tom and Rachel went well , we arranged for the sessions to take place on Tuesday 6th May:

– 11am-1pm

– 2.30p,-4.30pm

Tom and Rachel outlined that they wanted the images to be humorous and fluid, they wanted the their year group to be remembered through there personality – similar to the way I had taken the ones for Vis Lit.

Tom mentioned that we may possibly need a sweep up session for those who might not turn up later in the week and we agreed Friday would be a good day for this.

Other important things that were discussed:

– The print deadline was fast approaching so images needed to be edited as soon as possible.

– Image could be left unsized for Tom to play with on the templates

– Rachel mentioned that there would be cake nearby to prompt third years to come to the session slots.

– Images are wanted in black & white.