Live project tutorial: 22/05/2014

by am109145

Post easter-break tutorial, 3-4 weeks onwards from the group tutorial we had before easter.

What was discussed with David:

– Fashion photography shoot & image outcome

– Film shoot & images outcomes from Multistory

– Plans for the next 4 weeks and possible oncoming projects


Brief overview of Davids feedback & things to get on with:

– My images are starting to look and have a professional feel.

– David helped me establish I enjoy documentary photography (film shoot).

– To look at emailing and getting in touch with theatres and film schools to try and get some more onset work.

– To send out a standard email with Flickr link to sell myself and onset photography I have done before.

– Look at creating s PDF portfolio to send out to potential companies, simple PDF that has basic contact information and about a dozen images of photographs I have taken.

– Print out fashion photography images taken for Eve McBennette.