Creative Conscience Submission

by am109145

Creative Conscience: Brief & Background

 Brief: Create a piece that communicates the negative outcomes of poor nutrition on physical, emotional & mental health.



Background: The piece that I have submitted is an advertisement for a billboard, it is part of a series of photographs that communicate the physical, emotional and mental health impact of poor nutrition on our bodies, for this submission the photograph I have submitted focuses on the physical element of the brief. In this image there is a visual exploration in the form of two comparative body types of a 21-year-old female; one image shows the physical outcome on the body of drinking carbonated drinks and the other showing the physical outcome of drinking clean natural tap water. It is targeted at parents of small children specifically, I feel that it is important to make parents aware of the effects of poor nutrition on a growing child. All parents want the best for there children, therefore showing these two comparative images of what there children could grow up depending on how they are nourished will hopefully inspire positive lifestyle change. In essence the idea itself has been generated to inspire positive lifestyle change through a comparative shock technique, essentially the underlying intention is to fight and beat obesity within children as they grow up and prolong life expectancy, however more importantly help parents nurture there child’s nutrition for the strongest and most healthiest future before reaching the point of childhood, teenage or early adulthood obesity. At the end of the day every parents wants the best for there child/ren. The inspiration behind this project would most definitely be passion towards health and fitness and my background in Fitness Instructing. I have noticed the lack of exercise and nutritional awareness that society has through my part time job as a Fitness Instructor, I tend to project my knowledge to others on daily basis and I feel as though combining the true reflection of the dangers of poor nutrition with the discipline of photography would enable me to make a positive change to worthwhile cause within society.