Location photography – Project #4

by am109145


After getting in contact with Touch Rainbow productions (a media and film production company based in the midlands) I have managed to get source some experience/ been offered to be a location photographer for a short film called ‘MULTISTORY’ that is being produced. The media companies involved in the production of the film are: TOUCH RAINBOW PRODUCTIONS, SEVEN FIVE PRODUCTIONS. Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 16.32.59 MULTI-STORY – The film itself is being shot in the midlands and some sciences are being shot on rooftop buildings in Manchester, the film is fairly low budget a couple of grand £2000-3000 however nevertheless the film set, equipment , actors and camera crew are work in a professional manner.






Below is the email I have received from one of the directors of the company TR (touch rainbow) which contains the brief for the project:

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 16.34.28


MY ROLE  So my role will be to be the onset photographer for Monday 14th April. On this particular day there will be three different locations in which the crew will be shooting: – Castle Gardens (outdoor scene) – Colourworks restaurant & bar (on canal) –  NCP carpark (rooftop car crash scene) Out of these three locations for this particular day I am required to attend at Castle Gardens and ColourWorks restaurant.

Here is a copy of the ‘CALL SHEET’ which has been emailed over to me to take a look at and refer to on the actual day of the shoot:


Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 16.46.43

WHAT IS EXPECTED – LOCATION PHOTOGRAPHY  After reading my brief and also speaking to the director of the film along with the production manager I have compiled a list of of key stills that I need to capture throughout the day:


For this particular shoot I shall not be using my Nikon D5100 but instead borrowing my dads Nikon D90 that has a 18-105mm lens. The body of the D90 is more durable and heavier than the D5100 and the lens on the D90 has a larger focal length than my own therefore will enable me to capture shots from a greater distance when not being aloud to shoot directly onset whilst the crew are filming.


After speaking on the phone to the producer; Bipin Anand I have also managed to source a 50mm lens along with a wide angle lens which will be ready for me to use onset of the production.