Product photography research…

by am109145

In terms of the shots that Kate Green wants it seems that the first bunch of images she wants on a white background in a studio. The two separate products one being a concertina book and the other being a rectangular illustrated box filled with post cards. Below is some quick research confuted on the most pleasing angles to aim for when shooting the concertina book: Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 19.05.59 The shots shown above give me a rough idea of the possible angles and range of positions that I could place the concertina and the handmade box in however the few images I have sourced below give a better idea of the kind of photography Kate is expecting and the kind of detail that I should capture when photographing the product: concertina-books-003 custardstudio_brochures_wood_4_0 joanne_stoker_close_up_2 joanne_stoker_side_01 The latter 2-3 images show the kind of standard of image that I should be aiming to achieve, the product is placed in a manner that shows the content of the concertina book. In my case I will need to place Kate’s book so that the story that is being told is exposed to the audience. I also feel as though I need to consider the white backdrop, if I don’t shoot at the correct exposure then the book itself will blend in with the white background- here it is important for me to consider and convey the 3-deminsal aspect of the book through the camera.