Fashion photography research…

by am109145

As Eve Mcbennett has specially asked me to photograph her Collar garment for her portfolio I feel as though its necessary to carry out brief research on the kind of shots I should be considering and taking prior to the shoot. My first point of call being Google of course!

So here goes I simply typed in ‘Fashion collar photography’ and here is a screenshot of the results that I got:

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 16.43.10

My initial response to these images is that they contain the types of shots that I had in mind in terms of medium-close up shots against plain backgrounds however I feel that they do not depict the kind of classy and sophisticated look that Eve Mcbennett has requested. The thoughts that I have had upon the kind of shots I want to take on the shoots far:



Further looking into some posts online here is a more refined search of the type of shots I could take in a more sophisticated framework:

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 17.46.05


I think in terms of colour I feel as though it will be appropriate on the day of the shoot to start in colour however to also discuss with Eve taking some black and white shots too. The actual garment piece if white therefore I feel as though it may work better if the shots are in black and white HOWEVER she may wants some shots in colour therefore a range of both images will be appropriate to shoot.