Fashion Photography – Project #2

by am109145

After putting myself out there I have managed to acquire my second live project brief from a BA (hons) Fashion Design student Eve McBennette.


To photograph and capture the visual aesthetics of the handmade white collar on a model, in a sophisticated and elegant manner that reflects the true quality of the rendered material and outlines the beauty of the structure which in essence will sell the product.



– To capture a rang of shots from different angles

– To vocalise the beauty of the material

– Photograph in a professional manner that will increase the chance of fashion buyers being attracted to the product.

– MAIN USE: Portfolio style images.



Location – Looking at the brief at hand it has become apparent that the client wants professional studio style photographs to be taken of the collar itself. However booking a studio at such late notice is going to be difficult therefore in order to improvise in this situation without losing the client I will have to consider equipment and other potential areas that I can photograph images in this style. First thing that comes to mind is to use a white wall/ white backdrop area that will require minimal editing of background.

Equipment – Having a plain white walk will be ok if I can get my hands on a decent flash.Previous flash’s I have used include the METZ 4. Chances of hiring this flash with 1 day before the photos need to be produced is viable.

Timing – Hopefully the collar will be complete in its construction and design to shoot in the day light therefore not much flash light will be necessary however if not then increasing Metz flash and using external light in the form of a strong lamp or something alike will be beneficial, make sure to get the angle on the lamp/external light source correct in order to determine the shadow on the white wall too not distract the eye from the focal point (collar).


A rough image sent by the client of the unfinished product:

IMG_6897 IMG_6896