Live brief: Opening of the 17th International Book Fair

by am109145

Getting started

Whilst waiting on responses from the 3 design agencies that I have been in touch with in terms of work I have come across a great opportunity to start Live project. Today is the opening of the 17th International book fair at The Tetley Brewery and Natalie has sent a email out asking for photographers to capture the event!




Immediately seizing the opportunity I have responded to graham asking if I can go to the event tonight. His response was of course yes! and he gave me the low down of what kind of photographs they are expecting for me to deliver in tonights opening:





– Capturing people engaging with the LCA stall in particular.

– Want me to capture the Portrait drawing stall that Julia Brown will be running.

– Want me to capture the atmosphere of the event specially the mood during the opening itself.

РType of photography: DOCUMENTARY