Where to go from here?…

by am109145

I’m not to sure where to go from here so maybe its time to write my proposal?  I think its important for me to understand what I personally want from the live project (because lets be honest I’m here to learn what I need for the industry), I think its very easy to get lost in searching for a brief and fulfilling it because it fills the criteria for the module.

So it’s time to take a step back, make some notes on what I actually want to gain from the Live project, start to piece together my ideas then to write up my proposal before my tutorial tomorrow with David.

FINDINGS: Through looking back at my blog so far and looking at the kind of briefs I have researched it is interesting to note that all of the online briefs have a consistent element of attraction. All of the briefs I have been attracted to so far have a element of ‘Telling a photographic story’ – SOMETHING TO CONSIDER FROM HERE ONWARDS.