Live brief proposal…

by am109145

Live Project 2014


 1. What do you want to gain from the live project?

– To experience different kinds of photographic content – vis lit = portraits

– To be able to create a photographic story which starts creating a identity for me as a amateur photographer.

– Develop my skills further from Vis lit – Equipment wise

– To start to create a portfolio of just my photography work and to be able to document this in an effective manner online for audience to view (professionalism)

– Successfully deliver to a client/myself work that I am proud of and have an interest in the content.  

2. What are your ideas for the competition brief?

Health & fitness > Obesity > obesity in children

My brief: “ Create a piece that communicates to parents the long term impact of poor nutrition on mental, physical and emotional health in children in earl adulthood”.


3. What Client / Practice briefs are you proposing to do?

–       Some sort of blog documentation to put my photographic work out there. Building a online portfolio/blog/webpage.

–       Touch rainbow productions – synergy agency – Papini studio’s

–       Online briefs/competition

I don’t want too many short briefs as I don’t feel I will benefit from this, I feel maybe 1-3 bigger briefs would enable maximum learning and better outcome.

4. How will you consider the potential impact of proposed designs on the real world?




5. How are you going to structure your time?

–       First week would be confirming and sourcing some briefs/ 1st brief its important I start with something strong and interesting form here onwards completing a brief at time.

–       – Regular blogging about what I have been doing- either taking 1 day out a week to do this or to take 30 minutes each day to reflect.


6. What research do you need to undertake?

 –       Collating understanding of the attributes that make good blog/online documentation.

–       Finding something that I feel inspires me online wise.

–       Finding 3 solid briefs to work on

Researching necessary equipment and availability and understanding how to use it.