Task 24: Do something different (you decide)

by am109145

Ok so my do something different may seem inadequate however I feel as though I have managed to maintain doing something differently over the past few months that I would usually give up on or stop half way through.

It may seem necessary and it may seem as if a design student should do this anyway but lets face facts I haven’t up until now and I can finally say I am thoroughly enjoying this task and have/looking forward to continuing this throughout the next few months and the years to come.

What is it that I have done… (drum roll please) …

My doing something differently task consists of having a journal that I reflect upon and throw my ideas at. It may seem simple and stupid but I wouldn’t normally do this on a daily basis before this task. Even if it is just a line of anger I scribble on a page or a couple of words or a quote I write down to a double page spread of something I have done or something I have enjoyed journal’ing in a separate journal (non academic design) has been such a lovely task to have carried out and to continue carrying out.

Here are a few images from my journal so far:

These are just a couple of images, I didn’t want to post to many images as some of the content is fairly personal to me.

Scan Scan 1Scan 2

My learnings:

– As a visual communicator and as a design student in general I find expression in the form of words rather difficult (quiet ironic right as people would say that being an ‘art student’ you should be able to use fancy words) well I am the opposite I can only express myself in small proportions and the easiest way of me doing this is through drawing, scribbling, or maybe even doodling and sometimes even writing a sentence down on paper.

– I think that from this task I have learnt that self reflection is so so important! I have never really before reflected upon things that are not academic (reflection academically is completely different to self reflection) I have found that journaling has aided me to express my feelings and emotions and so far help me realise (slightly) who I am (a little cheesy I know but shyly true)