Task 11: Go to a live event outside your preferred genre

by am109145

During the christmas period I went back home to Leicester and together as a family we planned for a trip to central London. One of the things that I wanted to do/ have wanted to do for many years is go to a live theatre show in the west end. One of the shows that I have really wanted to see is The Lion King. However I thought that it would a great experience to go to another kind of show i.e.. a musical/dance based show which I would consider not so much of a genre of musical that I would normally go for.

The show we decided upon was: STOMP at the Ambassadors theatre just near Leicester Square. Here is a photo of my ticket:


Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photographs during the performance or even have our phones on which is fairly sad as I was not able to capture certain moments that I could look back on.

Here is a short clip to show what the theatre performance was like live:

My initial thoughts upon seeing this particular show was that it would not even compare in the slightest form to The Lion King, I also thought that the performers themselves had a incredible challenge of keeping us the audience engaged with there performance without the use of speech or voice. However as the show started (having high expectations) it was brilliant to see the different everyday household items that the group were using to perform and create music with.

The performance itself lasted for 90 minutes in the theatre room. The performing group used a vast range of materials to create music such as brushes and brooms, dustbins, shopping trolleys and even matchsticks and most of all clapping there hands and stomping there feet on the floor. I found that throughout the 90 minutes they engaged us as the audience into the performance through getting us to stomp and clap our hands at necessary and queued points (it sounds ridiculous but it was so much fun).


– I think one of the main things that I have learnt from this whole experience of a theatre show and experiencing something live from a different genre is that you shouldn’t ‘judge a book by its cover’ or compare something to another thing without experiencing it at first hand.

– The culture and diversity in London is phenomenal every perfumer on that stage was from a different ethnic origin- there were 12 perfumers within the group and all of a different decent! We in the UK have so many different cultures and ethnicity’s living in our country it is important to learn, appreciate and embrace other peoples culture and background and to working together can create something so diverse and beautiful.