Task 5: Learn a new skill

by am109145


Although learning how to say ‘sexy’ in Slovenian by our Exchange student Anže (and dear friend) started as a joke it progressed into him teaching us a few key words and sentences that would help us out if we ever visited Slovenia.

I would consider this learning a new skill from someone else! (group task). As you can see from the image below Anže decided to play the role of the teacher using the white board. The first words on the left are english and following is the translation into Slovenian.



The words/phrases that we/I learnt (the serious one):

– Hello

– What time is it

– My name is

The silly ones:

– You are sexy

– You are fit

– Wanna get drunk

Although half the words/phrases we learnt were silly the 3 that we learnt that were serious and and applicable to use seemed simple when written on the whiteboard however when pronouncing them in the Slovenian language they were difficult to grasp. We also learnt that most words in Slovenian had a masculine and feminine pronunciation thus making the language even more difficult yet interesting to learn. I now feel confident saying: hello, what time is it and My name is in Slovenian.