Task 21: Find a poem that means something to you

by am109145

So for this task I decided NOT to go about it in a conventional manner ie. finding some poem from a book or from a journal that its ‘meaningful’ to me. Instead of going about looking for a meaningful poem I decided to wait until something arose that I felt was truly meaningful to me.

The first thing that I did was to go to my older sister who is an amazing poetry writer- this is not a skill that she has learnt over the years (as she studies philosophy not literature) but mores one that she has naturally developed.

To start with I decided to ask whether I could read some of her poems, some of them made sense, some of them were far to complex for me to understand some of them were simple in the words and some of them were lengthy with bizarre contexts. However I felt that it would be appropriate to select a poem of hers as it is meaningful to me that she takes the time to write them- I may not necessarily understand the content or the interpretation that some people take away from the poems however I admire the natural passion that she has for writing them which in essence is meaningful to me.

The poem below is a fairly personal one that I am sharing on my blog that she wrote in my 21st birthday card this January.



Although I understand the context of this poem I feel that the place/person it has been written by is much more meaningful to me.