Celebration of imagination: The big day…

by am109145

On the day of the event we set up the final main construction in the corner of the cafe, here is a image of the tunnel in construction with the material in place:

IMG_5615 IMG_5611

Luckily we had Hannah Warner offering hand- she helped put up the props inside – THANK YOU HANNAH!

The large flow of people that came to the event just a snapshot of a handful of them:


Fr0m the minute the stall was set up to the minute we closed it off we always had somebody in our stall experiencing the secret tunnel- at some points in the time period we had a queue of 3-4 people waiting patiently and preparing themselves to go into the tunnel by taking there shoes and coats off.

IMG_5617 IMG_5624

As we can see from the image above we had plenty of happy customers, ranging from vis com students to general passer by visitors to staff members who fully amerced themselves in the spirit of the event. It was calculated that 92% of visitors/participants walked away with some goodies from the game inside and those that didn’t loved the experience created through the enigma of our marketing strategy and our mysterious simple black construction of the tunnel (which may I add was completely discrete t as what was inside from the outside).


IMG_5613 IMG_5619 IMG_5627

The tunnel route itself was lit by fairy light as you crawled into the tunnel you got a sense of warmth as if you had entered some sort of fantasy magical mystical land, the props inside and the cushions used on the ground really gave it a warm feel. The response we received from participants was incredibly positive the majotity of them wanted to stay in longer and most of them actually went in for a second go. As you went through the tunnel you would enter the main game area where one member of the team quickly explained and refereed the game itself.


A slightly blurry image however you can see one participant leaving the tunnel via the exit which is located at the back of the tunnel.

As we had created an enigma for the event we decided it was best that we all dressed in black and wore these badges which signified the secret tunnel:


Approximate monetary gain from the event: £47.50