Celebration of imagination: Making the props & the test run…

by am109145

In terms of making the props we decided to meet as a group and collectively make the props together rather than splitting the tasks off and working alone- we decided it would be better to work as a team on all tasks so that we could juggle ideas and so that all of our props would correlate in terms of design and usage.

What was needed to be made:

– Sweet packets

– Hanging decorations for the tunnel itself

– Signage

– green hedge style props for tunnel route

– Unicron badges for supervisors to wear


Not only did we make the props we also decided to have a test run of constructing the actually tunnel itself using the material, lights and tables that we would use on the day. It was important to do so as the construction itself was very large build for the 30 minutes we would have for setting up therefore precasting this made use realise that we needed to be more efficient on the day within hanging the material and putting the lights up.



The test run of the tunnel build made us realise a couple of things, they are listed below:

– We need something stronger than masking tape to hold up some parts of the material

– The lights inside need a 1 metre leeway in order to reach a socket.

– Material and lights take longest to put up make sure all members of team put this up on the day = efficiency

– Paper needs to be place and masking taped on the floor: source large sheets of paper.