Task 30: Choose your own task

by am109145

I think this is a interesting task to set and interesting one overview when looking at everyone’s blogs! The response to this task can be incredibly broad. Choosing my own task- I found this task quiet difficult initially however I wanted this task to be meaningful to be and to also last a long period of time – so almost become a ongoing task.

The first thing I did was list the things that are close to home to me- by this I mean that I wrote down the things that I am passionate about.

Scan 4


I then surprisingly was stuck with this task at hand as I wanted it to relate to something that I enjoyed learning about and was passionate about. I decided to leave this task for a while and move onto some more.

The answer then came to me after christmas. On christmas day I received a gift which was truly one of the least expensive gifts I have received this christmas however the most meaningful and thought out. It was the book:



In a nutshell:

The book delves into the discussion of nutrition, the capabilities of the body to generate antioxidants cells through nutrition to fight the most nastiest diseases in the world. In essence my brother had bought me the most phenomenal gift of 2013:


My task: In the next 6 months I shall complete this book from cover to cover learning about the thing that I am passionate about which is nutrition. Although my diet is fairly ‘clean’ at the moment I feel that this book will help me realise the importance of some raw products or food groups that are sacred to the body and to the tackling of potential diseases and illnesses that I could be prone to in the near-future,

The task I am setting myself:

TO COMPLETE READING ‘THE CHINA STUDY’ within 6 months from today’s date 27th December 2013.