Task 26: Cook a meal inspired by a book or film

by am109145

As it is around the festive and christmas period I think its the perfect time to carry out this particular task. Lets get one thing straight I’m NOT the worlds best baker but I will give this ago and hope for the best!

So as a christmas tradition every year we sit down and watch my favourite (one of my favourite christmas films: Elf. Okay so may it isn’t a ‘classic and traditional’ christmas film but it grew on me from the first time I watched it many years ago – along with it having one of the my favourite actors Will Ferrell.



After watching the incredibly humours film (which may I state I could never get bored of re-watching) I thought it would be nice to fulfil this tax with some festive baking. So here goes…



Maybe not designed as the most festive cake but here it is: lemon, mango and passion fruit concoction- I have to admit it was fairly tasty and reflective of all the tasty christmas treats that are shown in the film and before you ask unfortunately I can not reveal the recipe.

My learnings:

– Don’t be scared to give something new a go, although I hadn’t baked anything for a very long time I was hesitant to carry out this task as I thought it would end in shambles, but come to my surprise is was enjoyable it got me and my 2 little elf helpers (my two little cousins Maya and Ella) into the festive christmas spirit.

– You can learn from people of all ages – although I had the main recipe to making the cake the girls had more experience in baking than me as there mum bakes all the time, learning new skills from them even though they are younger than me was a valuable experience (even if was just how to stir properly to get all the lumps out) the importance of learning from a diverse range of people in life is a quality that everyone should embrace and experience.