Image analysis

by am109145

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 18.48.10

Jeremy Deller, It is what it is, 2009

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 18.48.19

Marc Quinn, Alison Lapper Pregnant, Olympic Opening Ceremony, 2012

The image shown above here by Jeremy Deller is a photograph of a car that had been destroyed by a direct bomb during the period in which the USA and Britain decided to go to war with Iraq. The image is specifically of a car that had been struck by a direct bomb in the city of Baghdad.

Following this image underneath is a image of the inflated sculpture/ recreation of a statue of Alison Lapper pregnant, which was placed in the limelight at the 2012 Paralympic games opening ceremony and further taken into Trafalgar’s square to be placed on the fourth plinth.  The statue is simple a representation of how Alison Lepper was born and lived without having the two main sets of limbs on her body (arms and legs).

The two images can be comparable however it is not to disregard that they both also have similarities. In terms of how they are different we can start with identifying that the artefact from Deller’s has been recovered from a war scene and travelled around on the back of a trailer around America, in comparison to Quinn’s artefact that has been constructed by an artist with the intention and means of communicating a particular message.

It seems that Lepper’s artefact has been constructed on a very large scale, creating a sense of it being the centre of attention/ focal point of the opening ceremony, in comparison to Deller’s artefact that is almost a passive piece that is 1/10 of the size. When travelling on the roads in America one could say that Deller’s piece could almost be mistaken for a scrap of metal on a trailer if only glanced at once briefly, however we all can tell that it is more than just that when looking at it closely and reading the message that is placed in front of it. The comparative element here being the difference in size of the artefacts more so than the meaning behind them.

In terms of the purpose and function of the two artefacts in there particular locations I feel as though they are similar. Similar in the sense that they have both been placed in a unconventional place for the audience to notice and address there presence and meaning. The idea behind the American government and the American citizens having to face a artefact that show the damage and disruption caused in a country that they are fighting in is almost showing them what is covered up and what they are blind to (the damage that it is doing to Iraq as a country). In terms of the inflated statue being the focal point of opening ceremony of the Paralympic games I feel as though the situation /subject matter of the piece is being experienced at face value by the audience. Thus both pieces are similar in the way that they try to portray a message about a subject area that is not faced and addressed at face value in everyday society