PPP: Task 6 – Organise or take part in a quiz

by am109145


Although I would consider myself not a social being I found Hannah’s quiz night absolutely brilliant for socialising and fulfilling the group quiz task on the cultural consumption list. Not only was it  quiz where I actually knew the answers (unlike your average pub quiz) she also splashed on on some tasty treats for us all- the quiz also consisted of prizes for the winners!

Hannah’s quiz categories:

1. Name the actresses

2. Food & drink

3. Geography

4. Music

5. Art and society

TEAM NUGGETS = Me a& Megan Nedham

IMG_5536 IMG_5537

Not only was this a nice social gathering with a social flare I found myself learning a fair bit in the category of Geography! I feel a little more clued up on the Capitals of countries. Although this was a social/cultural task I feel as though I have gained somewhat of a sense of academic learning of the wider world that is around me.