Portraits in the form of Terry Richardson…

by am109145

Starting with the flash and my DSLR I have taken some playful shots of some of the people that I will be using within the exhibition in the style of Terry Richardson’s. The shots are all through pure experimentation and the outcomes of the images differ in shadow and exposure due to this experimental process.


F stop = 5.6

ISO = 200

Shutter speed = 1/60

Photographs of Bhakti Mistry:

IMG_1080 IMG_1081 IMG_1072 IMG_1071 IMG_1070These images shown above are the first few that I took using the external fill flash, I felt as though these images seemed a little to overexposed therefore decided to alter the F-Stop on the Flash and to leave the F stop on the camera at 5.6.

IMG_1069 IMG_1068 IMG_1067 IMG_1066 IMG_1065 IMG_1064

As we can see from this set of images the the images are much more accurate the in correlation to the exposure levels of Terry Richardson’s photographs, the subject has a harsher shadow which creates puts more emphasis of the hair line and the skin tone of the subject seems much more realistic unlike the set of photographs above where she is seen to be far more overexposed.

Photographs of Alice Morton:

IMG_1083 IMG_1084 IMG_1086 IMG_1087 IMG_1088 IMG_1089 IMG_1090 IMG_1091

Second set of photographs when altering flash:

IMG_1085 IMG_1101 IMG_1102 IMG_1103 IMG_1104

Although these set of images are overexposed I could possibly take them into photoshop and make a simple brightness and contrast alteration and see if this helps improve the quality of the photograph.

So far I have Found Alice the most difficult to photograph as her hair and skin tone is fairly light , I have also realised that from this point onwards every subject/person is going to need a different amount of light flashing at them through the external fill flash, having a play with the flash and leaving the camera settings consistent may be the way forward.

Photographs of Ricardo:

IMG_1105 IMG_1106 IMG_1107 IMG_1108 IMG_1109

Photographs of David Taylor:

IMG_1110 IMG_1111 IMG_1114 IMG_1115

The first set of images I took of David seemed underexposed there I decided to keep the F stop of on the camera at 5.6 but increases the amount of light been splurged at David via the Flash.

IMG_1116 IMG_1117

Better exposure images of David shown above, his skin tone seems more accurate along with the shadow on the wall of his hairline being a lot more narrow and sharp rather than faint with a greater distance.

Photographs of Jade Till:


The position that Jade adopted was fairly interesting from the first image I took above it was obvious the composition of her arms would give a good shadow, although this image is underexposed I quiet liked the look and composition of the subject therefore I asked Jade to maintain this position throughout the set of photographs.

IMG_1118 IMG_1119 IMG_1120 IMG_1122 IMG_1123 IMG_1124 IMG_1125

After correcting the exposure I decided to play with the direction of the shadow using the fill flash which I moved around the camera, as we can see from these images the depth of the shadow is dependent on the the positioning of the flash and the distance of this from Jade the subject.

Photographs of Kristian Knight:

IMG_1126 IMG_1127 IMG_1128 IMG_1129 IMG_1144 IMG_1145 IMG_1146

Photographs of Julia Chapman:

IMG_1148 IMG_1149 IMG_1150 IMG_1151