Group tutorial feedback…

by am109145

After presenting my idea and also the images that I have taken in the style of Terry Richardson for the second part of the Vis Lit module I received feedback from both my peers and also David. Some of the main points that were raised:

My own personal reflective response:

– Play with the composition of the subject i.e.. maybe stand on a chair and take a photograph from a high angle etc.

– Play with the background of the photograph i.e.. try maybe a grey background and see how your images turn out then.

– Ask people how to describe themselves in one word and see if the outcome of the photograph correlates to this representation.

Peer response:

– Maybe take a look at ‘Humans of New York’ (Facebook page)

– Maybe give a object to each person to hold (it could be the same object and see how they respond to this in the images)

David’s response:

– Consider the way your are going to exhibit your work, the quality of the images seem spot and what is said about taking the photographs is being achieved so maybe focus on the exhibition and a interesting way to exhibit the work.

– Consider output: Will it be: Print based, Projection, on a computer screen running like a slideshow, print based grid?

– Consider the challenge of trying to get everybody on Vis Com to have a image of themselves exhibited.


Use photoshop to start editing the images if you feel that the images are suitable but may lack brightness or exposure or even if  just a slight part of the image is not correct try and make a adjustment on Photoshop to correct it.


Tutorial notes:

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