Visual Literacy part 2: Proposal

by am109145

As apart of the second sector of the Visual Literacy module I have decided to produce a piece of work in the form of digital photography that communicates and represents the personalities of my peers who will be exhibiting there work in the exhibition. My exhibition piece will consists of a series of image in the form of a portraits that depicts a handful of my peers individuality. In essence my work will communicate the importance of expression of individuality in a world full of stereotypical opinions. My influence for this part of the module will be terry Richardson a photographer that I greatly admire and regular take a continuous interest in his work.

The way in which I shall conduct this brief in terms of research is through experimentation, the only way that I will be able to form my piece based upon my influence is through picking up a camera, picking up various flashes and external pieces of photograph equipment and practising getting the images correct. I will also need to conduct further practitioner research, further technical research dependent on the outcomes of the image I will be taking and also equipment research which I will mot likely heavily rely on technicians support in the photography department.

In terms of the deliver of my work and the presentation of my piece in the exhibition I intend to deliver a series of images of a handful of my peers in Vis com. This piece will purely consist of visual imagery ie. the photographs taken on my camera which will be delivered in a black and white raw format. A few important things that I will need to consider that strike me immediately when starting this part of the module consist of: Shooting modes, Pixel quality and printing methods, I feel as though considering these things in the early stages will aid the delivery of my work and assist my through to the final piece.

In terms of time frames and organisation I have 4 weeks to deliver this final piece therefore its fairly obvious that I will need to work fairly rapidly with my camera to create the results that I want. Within the first week it is important for me to make sure that not only am I researching but that I am getting started and producing/experimenting with the equipment and delivering material that I will be able to to take to my tutorial next week to show my group and tutor. Within the final week it is important for me to book a printing slot either in the Digital print room downstairs or somewhere else and make sure I am able to print all of my work on time and in preparation for the deadline.