Spider diagram: Visual thinking/ideas

by am109145

To kick start the second part of the module I have decided to create a spider diagram to help me think about the things that I am passionate about that I could deliver in the form of photography within this module.

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 11.42.46


As you can see form the diagram above my fields of interest/things I would consider to have great passion for a fairly broad. I wouldn’t say I am the most interesting person in the world as you can see from the diagram above, although the things that I do like/ I am passionate about I have great depth/knowledge and interest about.

In order order to go fourth with thus project I think it would be best if I was to look at some practitioners that I really love the work of, the first practitioner that pops to mind is Terry Richardson. Terry Richardson is a photographer that I have always admired therefore I feel that this could be a starting point that will direct me in the correct/good direction and inform my next steps/path I will take for this part of the module.