Show & Tell Practical Feedback…

by am109145

The ‘Show & Tell’ session/workshop was conducted in an alternative way to a normal crit, half of the group were asked to lay their work out and the other half were asked to walk around look at the work and deliver feedback to the person sitting by there work. I was apart of the 2nd group so for the first half I was walking around giving feedback.

As I did not have time to get my images printed I decided to show them on a computer screen, below is some of the feedback that I received from peers and 1 tutor:

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 11.42.40


As we can see form the written feedback above there are a mixture of opinions of how the photographs should be taken and the context that they should be displayed in. Most of my peers seemed to like the concept of my piece and understood the concept behind it when I asked them ‘What do you think that I am commenting on through photography’.


Main points to consider from feedback:

– Consider a plain background, remove all objects that are out of focus in the background to avoid distraction.

– Maybe consider taking the photographs in a studio to give that clinical kind of look.

– Other product suggestions = Chicken, bread, pasta, Oil, Snack-a-jacks