Individual Tutorial: 19/11/2013

by am109145

After creating my spider diagram about things that I am passionate about and also taking into great consideration Terry richardson’s work I went to my tutorial without a written proposal, however with this practitioner research and list of things I could focus the second part of Visual Literacy on.

Once going into my tutorial with David and explaining my situation we started to look at Terry Richardson’s work together, we then discussed what the exhibition would consist of i.e.. the type of people that would attend and see our work and they way in which we wanted to represent ourselves.

Once doing so this sparked a idea in my mind: I could take a set of photographs in the style of Terry Richardson’s work that represented the personalities of the fellow Vis comers who will be exhibiting there work in the exhibition. Not only would this be beneficial for me as it will mean I have access to my models anytime it would also be beneficial for my year group to be able to represent themselves within the exhibition and there personalities within my piece of work to the audience who would be there and who we will be introducing ourselves too.

Tutorial Notes:

vis lit 2


Equipment and shooting modes that were discussed:

Following the realisation and the generation of the content of my work me and David then went onto discuss the equipment I would need th conclusion that we came to consisted of:

– DSLR camera

– White wall background (play with this)

– Fill flash external gun