COP Practical ideas…

by am109145

After looking into the practitioners I have for my initial research and realising that the areas of interest were far to broad I decided to look at gender and the portray;l of the female figure in the media, I then thought maybe I could produce my practical piece based upon the  aesthetic of a average female in society. Although I was keen about this idea I feel as though I have more passion about nutrition and the way the media depict products which are unhealthy as healthy, I have developed this chain of though and idea after watching the documentary ‘Food Inc’ on Netflix. As part of COP and in relation to the essay I have made a spider diagram to try and establish what it is that I want to carry out/conduct and deliver as a piece of work that depicts social engagement, form here onwards I have decided that it will be beneficial for me to produce a piece of work that comments on food and it’s raw materials.


As you can see form the rough illustration I have put together below the product which is being perceived and advertised as ‘healthy’ is shown next to the raw materials/ sugar content inside in the bar which is incredibly high.


Although the concept feels like a good idea I think I need to think of a better shock technique rather than just having a product next to another piece of packaging. May to use some kind of clear clinical containers to deliver the raw ingredient in.


Diagram of potential container to put the raw ingredients in: