by am109145

As discussed in my proposal the main aims for this part of the module for me was to learn about digital photography, the proposed are areas of learning that intended to tackle were: becoming accustom to my own DSLR, learning how to shoot in manual and becoming wiser with studio lighting equipment. Thing that I actually managed to learn were: Exposure compensation, Light metering, Low light photography, shooting in manual, framing and composition, basics of fill flash photography and partially studio lighting. I went about learning these skills through various different platforms of research, I started with traditional book research from the library and outlined the necessary basis knowledge needed to shoot digital- from this point onwards I decided to learn one skill at a time as I found that everything crossed over into another. Following book research my next platform of research consisted of watching a YouTube tutorial in order get familiar with a particular part of photography (depth of field) which seemed like it needed a scientific understanding to grasp- once doing so I found it incredible useful to document my learning using visual diagrams/drawings to establish what had been learnt. Other forms of research consisted of Internet based learning, workshops (for studio lighting) and most importantly learning from other more experienced photographers.

I feel that I have only touched on the basics of the areas covered and stated above and on my blog. However the things that I planned that should have been learnt in the last week of research such as: photograph’s using the concepts of fill flash photography, playing around with studio lighting and researching photographers that inspire me remain incomplete on my blog. Going fourth onto the second part of the module I feel as though I will still be able to carry out this learning and it will help inform the second part of the module which is still to be conducted.

My personal learning style would consist of independent research and reading through multiple platforms of research, by this I mean that the way I learn best is my taking elements/pieces of learning from books, videos, the internet, word of mouth and putting these pieces of learning together to create a idea/ informed and valid account of the concept- almost like a jigsaw puzzle. My personal learning style also tends to involved a fair bit of experimentation and application of skills learnt into practice- by this I mean that once I have learnt something I have to go away and practice thus skill in order to be able to learn the skill or to realize what I have learnt is incorrect.

In terms of the effectiveness of my research I feel that I struggled at first to engage with the practical side of things as becoming accustom to my camera proved difficult at first. In terms of the research itself I feel though as time progressed the depth of research conducted for each subject area decreased, this may have been due to time constraints and wanting to learn as much as possible. As you can see on my blog I have there have been points in time where I have taught myself a skill and completely got it wrong. Making these mistakes were important as it made me recognize that I needed verbal advice and needed a form of research that enabled me to ask questions e.g. to learn from somebody more experienced.

In terms of looking at broader developments I feel as though the development of technology such as smartphones and cameras alike along with apps such as Instagram effects the digital photography industry, the fact that people have access to a decent camera and editing software at there finger tips puts pressure on photographers to perform to a even higher standard.

I have learnt that I thoroughly enjoy the practical side of photography and also have an incredible interest in to the technical more academic side of things to. I feel as though I am more than capable to manage, direct and organize a project by myself and for each project that I do I feel as though I become even stronger in my learning as I am able to realize and work on the downfalls of the previous self directed project.