Fill Flash Photography…

by am109145

Understanding what ‘Fill flash photography’ is’: The first step into understanding fill flash photography is to understand what the term means. My instant reaction is to type into google       From typing this into Google I have found that the first web definition that appears describes Fill flash in the way shown below:

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 18.23.27

FILL FLASH = Fill flash is a photographic technique used to brighten deep shadow areas, typically outdoors on sunny days, though the technique is useful any time the background is significantly brighter than the subject of the photograph.  Once identifying a simple term for fill flash photography my next instinctive move is to find out what fill flash photographs look like and again using Google as my first point of call the array of images below have popped up when typing in ‘Fill flash photography:

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 18.25.58

A stated in the definition fill flash photography is used to brighten deep shadowed areas and also used when the background of an image is brighter than the subject. As we can see from typing into Google a lot of the images that have popped up seem to have a bright background along with a bright subject – in this instance the fill flash must have been used to control and alter the outcome of these images.

Answering two main questions:

1) How can I apply the use of a fill flash process to improve our images?

2) How can I practice and apply this on my own Nikon DSLR?

After identifying the two questions above that I want to answer through learning about fill flash photography I have decided to take a further gander on the internet, to see if there are any useful websites or blogs that talk about and delve into fill flash photography as I have unfortunately not found anything in the couple of books that I have taken out of the library.


‘The wonder of Light’

On this blog I have found a almost step-by-step guide into applying fill flash photography to images that have a bright background and a bright subject, if you click on the link to the blog the blogger has used the example of a teddy bear in the foreground and a window with daylight shining through as the background to demonstrate the fill flash photography concept.

Instead of mentioning this process step-by-step using the blog I think it would be a lot more useful for me to extract the elements/teaching of how to apply fill flash to my images effectively and then to demonstrate this through practice.

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