Tutorial notes & progression…

by am109145

Once discussing today with David in a an individual tutorial my progress over the past week or so we came to a realisation that Manual shooting is starting to sink in well.

Everything that I have explored to far seems to be accurate and the way that I have been researching is evident through my blog. Once going through my blog with David it became apparent that the next thing that I should seriously focus on in great depth is ‘DEPTH OF FIELD’. Although I have touched on this area before in the week before this week we both feel that it is important to clearly understand and practice this concept in greater depth.

Aims and goals over coming week:

– Carry out further research into Depth of Field

– Explore and practice taking different kind of photographs using this concept to show clear understanding and knowledge

– Concentrate on lines of objects when considering depth of field.

– Document understanding on blog and prepare to explain newly found knowledge.

Other aims & goals:

– Look at editing some images on Adobe Photoshop to straighten out some horizontal  (such as the photograph of house from park perspective.

– Consider the photograph  of the flower with droplets of water and try and reconstruct this with a rose with droplets on using a mid-ISO to the two images taken, see how this turns out with a blurred dark background and correct exposure.