Reflecting upon Intro into Social Change…

by am109145

After the lecture by David and James on social change and COP I feel that I have a better and deeper understanding on how I am going to form a body of research for my essay. Prior to the lecture I felt stuck between the two questions given, I felt as if I was torn between the two. The two essay questions being:

 – An illustrated essay which either critiques how socially engaged practitioners, including yourself, have addressed social engagement/activism through ……? 
 – An illustrated essay which critiques how practitioners, including yourself, have addressed the issue of ….. through socially engaged visual communication practice.

I feel as though I am more inclined to go for the first question and focus on PHOTOGRAPHY as my medium and look at social change/movement within this medium. As apart of my Visual Literacy module (learning how to learn through learning a new skill) I am focusing on digital photography, I feel that constructing a essay on the medium of photography and looking at social change will work hand-in-hand with the Vis Lit module, both modules will help inform each other.

Starting point:

As a starting point I feel that I can take Jeremy Deller’s work from the ‘Into into social change’ lecture and delve further into it. As mentioned on the previous post Jeremy Deller is a photographer who managed to gather together and rein-act the conflict between the police and minors in the Battle of Ogreave.