How I feel right now…

by am109145

When I started this module I felt as if I knew a bit about digital photography however after being set certain subject areas/fields to look into I started to become aware that there are so many different basic technical elements you have to learn about digital photography before shooting in a Manual mode or even in a auto or semi-auto mode.

After starting off looking at the first area/two areas of focus I realised that learning the basics was even more complicated than I initially thought, the reason behind this being that each basic concept/element intertwined into the other. Once digesting certain elements I started to take on one learning objective/skill at a time.

Here is a scale showing how confused I am from the beginning of starting this module until now.


As we can see from the scale after learning certain elements from the first 3 subject areas I feel I have a better understanding however as I’m coming towards a hurdle in one of my focal areas which I can not get my head around it is disconfiguring the extent to which what I have previously learnt is true and correct.

CURRENT POSITION: Being super confused about things a day before tutorial I have decided to collate a list of questions to take to my tutorial and ask my tutor, these questions are based on the learning journey endeavoured so far and the perceived ‘correct’ learning that I have taken on board already.