Visual Literacy: Written proposal

by am109145

As apart of the Visual Literacy module this year I would like to learn about how to learn through developing my skills within digital photography. I have a genuine keen interest digital photography and the use of photography has been apparent within my work from an underlying perspective since the start of my Foundation Diploma, however I feel that I could broaden my knowledge upon this horizon, thus become more informed about core concepts, techniques and norms within the area. I intend to carry out this this plan of action through becoming accustomed to my own DSLR Nikon D5100 through learning how to shoot in manual, I would also like to learn how to use studio lighting effectively and this to become apparent within my work along with becoming wiser on framing techniques.

As a practitioner the key pieces of equipment I will be using in this module and also externally through personal practice will be my Nikon DSLR camera, studio lighting equipment which I have been inducted on in the past, external lenses and flashes to aid photographic outcomes. Along with the main practical equipment I will also like to develop my knowledge on the correct editing software used which at the moment I sense and imagine would be Adobe Photoshop, however feel this may differ once entering and researching in the near-future.

Although I have a brief idea about manual shooting, the effects of aperture and shutter speed I feel like there is so much more for me to explore and proactively practice in extensive detail. Although I own my own DSLR camera I feel like I barely know how to utilize and operate the piece of equipment, becoming accustomed to the settings and features of the camera is high on my priority list within this module. In order to develop my understanding of this piece of equipment I need to kick-start this module by going away and self-teaching myself the majority of functions and capabilities of the camera and seeing which features are coherent within my camera and the Colleges cameras.

To start off with I will carry out book research, as the library seems to have an extensive digital photography section. By learning the basics about digital photography will allow me to refresh my memory upon things I have already visited and covered however more importantly collate new knowledge will help me to progress with the Visual Literacy module. Not only will I carry out book research to support my learning I also feel I have a good network around me to support my learning needs. My father is a photographer himself and has a vast knowledge about photography so my intentions in terms of practical learning will come from asking him questions and going on shoots with him to get some first hand industry experience. Workshops and lectures will be another key route to being a successful learner in this skill; I intend to attend as many lectures, talks and photography exhibitions as I can within the college and also across the city. By using a collection of different learning methods I can establish which one is most successful for me on this journey.