Light Night: Tabletop Circus – Main Event

by am109145

Evaluation/ Activity Write Up

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The idea of our activity ‘Elefantastic’ during Light Night was derived from the combination of ideas proposed within our group during the initial group discussion. To start off with we gathered ideas from all group members and wrote these ideas down on a spider diagram (which you can see below).


All of our ideas seemed fairly strong, successful and interactive and were possible to build within the space of time we had. As a group we decided to take one element from each idea and incorporate this into one idea, that way each group members suggestion was proactive within the brief.


In terms of collaboration I feel that from the early stages we had a strong group bond and work ethic. Luckily I was in a group with 3 of my fellow year students who are hard working and also assigned two-year one students who were enthusiastic and proactive within the entire brief. In order to welcome the first year students the initial introductory stage went well, we as year two students discussed our specialisms and spoke about the first year’s specialism interest and also about the Light Night festival and our past experiences. I think creating this rapport with other group member was crucial in the successful delivery of props, it enables us to engage with each others strengths and weaknesses and utilize these aspects of the way we work into this brief.  Tasks were split equally between the group, the first part of the morning workshop we decided to decorate and design the balls that we would use on our tracks together- we did this together as a group to get our creative juices flowing along with kick starting the day positively and making sure each on of us within the group was comfortable and motivated to complete tasks which we would uptake on our own later on.


Tasks that were designated:

Me – Signage

Bhakti & Jo – Track

Issy & Vicky – Elephants

Becky – 3D popup piece

I was happy that after the making workshop all of our props were in sync and worked well together, in essence the design element throughout each prop was coherent with the overall aesthetic. In terms of the making side of things other I feel we worked well as a group there were no disputes or disagreements more so constructive criticism and positive feedback from everyone during the debrief at the end of the workshop. In terms of the running side of things we felt as a group that the interactivity and engagement that the public had with our activity was incredibly high, our location (the entrance of the café) assisted the success rate and also the interest shown in our activity- in other words we were busy all the time!



The only hiccups/things that didn’t go so well on the night would be problems with the design of the props, one problem was the we found that we had to hold the track down from each side as the green paint used to decorate the board had left the edges of the board in a curvature. Nevertheless this did not hinder the interactivity on the night. Another slight problem that was encountered would be that small children were not able to reach the end of the board unlike adults who had longer arms. To overcome this problem we put the smaller children on starting points 1 and 3 so they could stand on the sides of the board to control there ball, again not a huge problem and it was proactively overcome on the night rapidly.

IMG_4800If we could carry out the activity again I think that we could improve on the design elements we encountered on the night. By altering these problems/issues the game would become more ergonomic for smaller children who were not able to reach from the starting point to the end point of the track. We could also consider having prizes next time as we found that we could only reward the children with a hi5, having a small prize to win would give the children something to take away and remember the activity by, thus proactivity promoting Light Night.

Couple of photo’s of other circus themed activities: